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    Our In-Suite Menu

    After a long day travelling, you may want to relax in your own residence without leaving. If you feel jetlagged or just tired, leaving the comfort of your apartment may not be on the cards. At Fraser Suites Le Claridge Paris, in suite menus are available with a variety of home delivery options on offer. Our home menu service is incredibly convenient and suited to time-zone hopping travellers and those business customers’ who need a bite to eat after an impromptu meeting.

    Our menus are available within your apartment, so feel at ease and at no rush to choose when you want to eat. Our apartments have eating facilities to make you feel comfortable and at home without having to worry about where you’ll get cutlery for your food.

    Whatever dining experience you choose to have with Fraser Suites Le Claridge, Paris, it will be one to remember with the fantastic food and service available.