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    Do not miss Rockin 1000 at Stade De France in Paris in June


    It’s the biggest rock night on the calendar here in Paris as 1000s of music lovers pick up sticks, drums, guitars, amps and microphones to blast out hit after hit in one of the more unique events you could ever take part in.

    This is the first time Rockin 1000 ever takes place in France. If you’re one of the thousands of people attending the show or taking part, you’ll want to know where it’s happening, what to expect, and most importantly, how to get there easily if you’re bringing your own instruments. 

    When is Rockin 1000?

    The event takes place on June 29th at 9pm. 

    Where is Rockin 1000 held?

    Rockin 1000 takes place at the Stade De France.

    How much do tickets cost? 

    If you’re coming along to support a friend or sing your heart out, tickets start at 29 €. You can find more information on the Stade De France website.

    How do I take part in Rockin 1000?

    You can’t just show up on the day of the event and play along. Anyone looking to take part needs to sign up on the Rockin 1000 website, applying with a video audition. If accepted, it’s up to the individual to get themselves and their kit to the arena two days before to take part in practice.

    If you are taking part, you’ll want a hotel that offers plenty of space to keep your things. We can help with that.

    Where can I find accommodation near Rockin 1000?

    The biggest fear when booking somewhere for the event is not having enough room to keep your kit, especially if you’re bringing a guitar and amp.

    Our rooms and suites are perfect if you need a good level of storage space. There’s no need to feel like you’re staying in a cramped room when booking in to a serviced studio apartment. With over 35 sqm and your own living and dining areas, they’re the ideal space for any musician to keep their things in the lead up to the show. 

    How can I get to Rockin 1000 from Fraser Suites Le Claridge?

    The stadium is 4.4 miles away from our residence and getting there is very easy.

    For anyone bringing a guitar or attending the event, you can easily get in there in half an hour by taking the 13 line on the metro from Champs-Élysées – Clemenceau just down the street directly to St Denis / Porte de Paris, the closest station the stadium. 

    Prefer getting there by taxi? You can get there in 30 minutes by taking a journey on the Bd Périphérique, although traffic can play a factor into how quickly you get there. 

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